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Energy Solutions: Natural Gas Buying Advisors
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Other Industry Information

Weekly Storage Report Information)
Link to EIA Weekly Storage Report

Energy Solutions Energy Glossary

Energy Conversion Information
Energy Conversion Spreadsheet (from Energy Solutions, Inc.)

Other website links:

Energy Conversion Factors (from Society of Petroleum Engineers)

Online conversion spreadsheets
Online calculator #1 (from International Energy Agency)
Online calculator #2 (from Online Conversion)

General Industry Resources
Below are also some links to a few other website resources that we believe can help individuals better understand the natural gas industry.

The Energy Information Adminstration

The American Gas Association


General Futures Resources:
Below are some links for additional education information on NYMEX futures and how they work.

The first website link is a short-course on futures offered by TFC Commodity Charts. While this relates to all traded commodites, in general, the information also applies to natural gas futures contracts.

The second link is to a downloadable Adobe file from the NYMEX website. The NYMEX website has some advanced educational information available, but this file is simply a booklet that goes into detail about how the NYMEX was formed and how it works.

TFC Commodity Charts

NYMEX Education Booklet
Click here to download booklet in Adobe format