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Natural Gas Storage Inventory Statistics

EIA Weekly Storage Report Statistics  |  Storage Inventory Graph 

EIA Weekly Storage Report
Volumes in Bcf (billion cubic feet)
                                                                                   Week Ending May 5, 2017


This Week










South Central





 Bcf Injection
Last Year



 Deficit to '16
5-Year Average 




 Surplus to 5-yr. 



About the EIA Weekly Storage Report

Each Thursday, at 9:30 a.m. CST, the Energy Information Administration releases its weekly storage inventory report, showing an estimated volume of natural gas that was either injected or withdrawn from storage fields for the prior week.

There are nearly 400 active underground storage facilities in the United States.  The report from the EIA is broken down into three regions: consuming west, consuming east, and producing.

The weekly report is heavily regarded as one way to measure the balance between supplies and demand.  Prior to the release of the EIA storage report each week, numerous analysts put forth estimates of what they believe the announcement will be.  As a result, if the actual report released by the EIA varies dramatically from the forecasted projections, natural gas prices can move up or down very quickly.

Basics of Underground Storage