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Energy Solutions: Natural Gas Buying Advisors
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Consulting Services
Valerie keeps us updated so there are never any surprises. I am thankful to have the services of Energy Solutions to keep a watchful eye on our energy procurement and utilization.
— Hospital, IL
Energy Solutions, Inc. is a supplier that makes my life easier. Her comments and perspectives on the market are insightful, and her efforts and partnership with our company are certainly noticed and appreciated.
— Printer, Nationwide
In addition to being a pleasure to work with, Energy Solutions is an important part of our team and they bring great value to our company.
— Manufacturing Company, WI
As we expand into new states, Energy Solutions, Inc. has done a fantasic job of evaluating our supplier choice options for both natural gas and electricity and assisting in contract negotiations.
— Coil Coating, Nationwide
Our company hired Energy Solutions to assist with natural gas buying at one location. We were so impressed with their services that we have since hired Energy Solutions to assist with both natural gas and electric risk management strategies and other related energy tasks at other locations across the U.S. Valerie interacts with all levels of management, keeping all parties well-informed, and this allows me to concentrate on other responsibiltiies.
— Manufacturer - Food & Beverage Industry, Nationwide
Energy Solutions, Inc. supplements its natural gas buying recommendations with reports that show everthing that I need to take the recommendation to my management team. It makes my job much easier.
— Foundry, WI
We just started using the consulting services of Energy Solutions, Inc. and I couldn't believe how easy they made everything for our hospital.
— Hospital, WI
Valerie went above and beyond the call of duty in assisting us with contract negotiations. She diligently worked with numerous parties from start to finish.
— Manufacturer, WI
The consulting services are great. I'm confident that my interests are being watched closely and this frees up my time to spend it on other projects. Plus, Val does a great job of explaining market conditions in a way that is very understandable.
— Foundry, WI
I really appreciate how you handle the natural gas purchases for us. Thank you.
— National Insurance Company, WI
I'm very pleased with the services of Energy Solutions, and have a lot of confidence in your recommendations. You've moved beyond simply doing a great job for us and are now anticipating our needs which is fantastic. Not only that, I consistently come in under budget with the planning provided by Energy Solutions, Inc.
— Commercial Laundry, WI
I have the utmost confidence in Val's ability to give the right information at the right time. She has been an asset to our budgeting process and knows this business very well. I highly recommend her services.
— Hospital, WI
With the serious potential for budget breaking over-runs on natural gas and fuel oil purchases, the energy market is much too dangerous for an amateur. For that reason, our company hired Energy Solutions. Energy Solutions has gone well beyond what I had expected. In addition to keeping us informed on energy prices and guiding us in all aspects of decision making and purchasing of fuels, Energy Solutions has assisted us in obtaining very favorable transportation contracts that have helped offset the higher prices of these fuels. Energy Solutions takes information that I do not have the time to digest nor knowledge to fully interpret and professionally consolidates it into an understandable manner along with recommendations that have proven beneficial. The cost of our contract with Energy Solutions has been paid for many times in proven savings based directly on their recommendations.
— Food Product Manufacturer, PA
Having Energy Solutions as our energy consultant is like having an employee dedicated to energy purchasing without incurring the overhead. With operations in four states it would be difficult to stay in tune to the ever-changing energy markets without Energy Solutions.
— Manufacturer & Distributor-Soft Drinks, Nationwide
Energy Solutions is a very valuable consulting resource for our company. You do a fantastic job of keeping us current and it is most appreciated.
— Commercial Printer, Nationwide

I do depend on the information provided by Energy Solutions, Inc's., The Advisor - a very useful service!
— State Services, California
We just added many more individuals onto the distribution list for The Advisor. It is the best tool I have found to help individuals within our company expand their knowledge about the natural gas industry.
— Natural Gas Marketer, MI
Valerie has shed a great deal of light on a commodity in which everyone thinks they understand the fundamentals and very few actually do.
— Natural Gas Trader, Ontario
The publications/services of Energy Solutions have saved us money many times over what the subscription cost.
— Paper Mill, WI
The Advisor is a great value. It is priced more competitively than competing publications and in our opinion the information provided and pricing outlooks have been right on target
— Pipeline, TX
We really appreciate the fact that your publications provide actual price references. Not everyone is willing to get that detailed. Overall, the information is very useful, but more importantly, as a natural gas marketing company, the information is used at times to even challenge our own views and outlooks.
— Natural Gas Marketing Company, Canada
I appreciate your team's efforts with energy information. The information keeps me well informed and it allows me to better focus on other job responsibilities.
— Hospital, MI
The advisor is very helpful in laying out my strategy of buying natural gas contracts.
— Natural Gas Trader, TX
Natural Gas Price Outlook is thorough and very well done. As a seller of natural gas, I found the conclusion to be very helpful.
— Landfill Methane Producer, MI
I found Natural Gas Price Outlook to be extremely beneficial. It was comprehensive and provided my company with the direction needed to formulate our 2010-2011 buying strategy.
— Foundry, WI
Natural Gas Price Outlook is great research that really puts the natural gas market into perspective. I particularly liked the question and answer/comment format at the each section as it provided a great summary of each topic.
— Printer, Multiple States
I look forward to getting The Advisor each week. It is thorough, yet concise. It's just a great publication.
— Energy Marketing Company, Multiple States
Fast Facts is a great addition to the overall publication. It is nicely done and is a great nutshell overview of market conditions.
— Commercial Printer, Multiple States
It's just a fantastic publication. It takes alot of data and concisely summarizes it and that saves me alot of time.
— Association, WI
The Advisor is a job well done! Thank you for the effort!
— Manufacturer, Canada
I really appreciate the information youíve been providing: itís directly useful, educational, and thought-provoking Ė a great combination! The Advisor is easy-to-read and overall one of the best resources I've found in the natural gas industry.
— Government Services, CA
I rely on the publication to provide a layman such as I information that is understandable. The "Term of the Week" was especially of great interest and value.
— Industrial Manufacturer, WI
The weekly updates are easy to read and very informative. I put it out for my employees to read, there have been several great comments from them also.
— Automotive Parts Manufacturer, WI
This is a useful publication. I especially like the buying tips that you provide and the technical analysis of trends.
— Iron Foundry, WI
I love the new look of your publication. It is very easy to read.
— Regulated Utility, WI
The publication is informational and timely. The information helps us to understand what is happening in the industry.
— Forgings / Foundry, WI
The publication has information relevant for today and through the next month. It helps to provide us with a strategic vision.
— Insurance Company, WI
The publications of Energy Solutions are comprehensive and easily understandable. It was an extremely useful tool last winter in helping to understand why the price increases and price spikes were occurring.
— Hospital, WI
The publications of Energy Solutions provide me with the information that I need to purchase energy efficiently and cost-effectively in the Midwest market.
— Foundry, WI

A recent presentation by Energy Solutions, Inc. was very insightful. It was the first time that someone was able to clearly explain the price relationships between natural gas prices, natural gas liquids (NGLs) and associated natural gas production via crude oil.
— Paper Mill, Nationwide
Great for beginners from the industry background to evaluating Request for Proposals (RFPs).
— College, PA
Ms. Wood takes a very complicated topic and industry and breaks it down into sections to make it understandable.
— Manufacturer Heating & Cooling Systems, IL
Val presents a very good, interesting, and informative seminar.
— Manufacturer Ventilation Systems, WI
Absolutely a "must" for energy buyers.
— Dairy Industry / Packaging, IL
It helped me better understand how to work with and close the deal with my marketer.
— Food Product Manufacturer, WI
A good foundation for understanding and managing natural gas costs.
— Agribusiness, WI
Seminar was very informative. The session went well beyond my expectations. Val is very knowledgeable.
— Regulated Utility, WI
Val did a great job explaining the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) and the Request for Proposal (RFP) process. Her examples mirrored the process we went through.
— Furniture Manufacturing, WI
Ms. Wood is knowledgeable, experienced and professional. This course is a "must" if you manage natural gas purchasing. Excellent information and suggestions. Well organized and a good flow of process. Course is a goldmine of information. You could not buy this much help for the cost of comparable hours of consulting time.
— Brewery, WI
Simple, organized and comprehensive overview of the natural gas business. From where the gas is located to how it flows to minimizing your operating costs, the information obtained at the seminar is immediately applicable to a company's energy management program. Beyond the seminars, Energy Solutions is a very valuable consulting resource for our company.
— Commercial Printer, WI