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If understanding the natural gas industry was easy, then you wouldn't be at this website. When you found the Energy Solutions, Inc. website, you were looking for something involving natural gas. But, perhaps you aren't exactly sure what that "something" is and, maybe you're not exactly sure who Energy Solutions, Inc. is.

When it comes to buying natural gas for your company, the services offered by Energy Solutions, Inc., are designed to assist both veterans and beginners. Our publications are written in an easy to understand format focusing on the natural gas market. One of the
best ways to learn more about our publications is to simply jump in with both feet and take a FREE Trial of The Advisor Rest assured a trial is just that, a trial, when it ends, it is over, no strings attached.

If you're new to the natural gas industry, you may find some benefit in reading the first three chapters of  Energy Solutions, Inc.'s, A Guide To Selecting a Natural Gas Supplier, which provides you with a concise understanding of the natural gas industry and the choices available as a result of natural gas deregulation. Click here to download the first three chapters of this comprehensive Guide.

Of course, our phone lines are open to answer any questions you have. Just give us a call at (608) 848-6255 and we'll be happy to give you the answers you are seeking.

Other Educational Website Resources

Natural Gas Glossary:
Energy Solutions, Inc. also provides a glossary that identifies important natural gas terms. Click here to download.

General Industry Resources:
Below are links to a few other website resources we believe can help individuals better understand the natural gas industry.

The Energy Information Administration

The American Gas Association

General Futures Resources:

If you're already familiar with the natural gas industry but aren't quite sure how our references about buying into the future fit into the picture, you may find some additional insight in the website links provided below. When we refer to the development of a proactive buying plan, the primary tool to accomplish this is the purchase of natural gas futures contracts on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX). As a business that consumes natural gas, you are considered a hedger when you utilize the NYMEX because any purchase of futures contracts directly relates to the use or consumption of the commodity of natural gas.

The first website link is a short-course on futures offered by TFC Commodity Charts. While this relates to all traded commodities, in general, the information also applies to natural gas futures contracts.

The second link is to a downloadable Adobe file from the NYMEX website. The NYMEX website has some advanced educational information available, but this file is simply a booklet that goes into detail about how the NYMEX was formed and how it works.

TFC Commodity Charts

NYMEX Education Booklet
Click here to download booklet in Adobe format

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of different players in the natural gas industry -- buyers and sellers, utilities and marketers, producers and end users, pipelines and regulators, and of course, companies like Energy Solutions, Inc., and we are none of the above. Energy Solutions, Inc., is a resource for business end users. To gain a better understanding of what Energy Solutions, Inc. offers and how our services differ from those offered by your natural gas marketer, check out our section on Frequently Asked Questions.