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Buying Advisory Services:Saving You Time and Money

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About Our Services

Today's volatile marketplace requires more of your time. Chances are, your time is in short supply. If you are the person responsible for the natural gas buying at your company, you are faced with difficult buying decisions as you balance your budget against the price impact of hurricanes, storage inventories, and other factors. Plus, you likely have to complete these challenges with the minimal amount of time you have left to monitor the natural gas market. There is nothing worse than being responsible for something that you don't have sufficient time or resources to manage.

With Energy Solutions, Inc.'s Buying Advisory Services, we become a partner and advisor for your natural gas purchases. We are by your side at all times to make sure buying opportunities are not overlooked and to make sure that you always know what the market outlook is and how that outlook intertwines with your company's buying strategy.

Our straightforward, trustworthy, timely information and personalized recommendations on when and how much natural gas to purchase into the future for your heating and manufacturing needs can help your company take better control of its natural gas expenditures. Plus, as a more informed buyer, you will strengthen your negotiating position with your natural gas supplier.

Overall, the tools and resources provided by Energy Solutions, Inc., help clients reduce uncertainty and gain peace of mind that the right decisions are being made for their company, while at the same time gaining the confidence their bottom line will be protected from budget-breaking price swings.


Two Levels of Service to Meet Your Needs

We are confident you'll find our services will make your natural gas purchasing decisions a lot easier. To meet a variety of business needs, we offer two levels of Buying Advisory Services.

Buying-only Advisory Services

Energy Solutions, Inc. acts as a mentor in assisting you with your natural gas buying decisions. Together, we develop a plan to achieve your cost objectives and goals. The implementation of that plan is monitored by Energy Solutions, Inc. as we consistently evaluate the market for buying opportunities. When a buying opportunity arises, we bring it to you. As your mentor, we are here to help you with your buying decisions. However, you are still in control when it comes to implementing those decisions with your applicable natural gas supplier or marketer.

Full-service Buying Advisory Services

With our Full-service Buying Advisory Services, Energy Solutions, Inc. also provides a number of other services related to your natural gas expenditures. Similar to our Buying-only Advisory Services, together we develop a plan to achieve your cost objectives and goals, except we go one step further and are directly involved in the implementation of that plan with your natural gas marketer or supplier. We work directly with your natural gas supplier to insure that invoices are accurate, pipeline basis is purchased when the time is right, and spot market supplies are priced competitively. As your partner, we'll also notify you of usage fluctuations and strive to help you keep administrative costs from your marketer (i.e.:balancing), to a minimum. As requested, we assist in budget preparation and provide ongoing monthly estimates and year-to-date variance reports. When it comes to contract negotiations, we're directly involved on your behalf and will work with your natural gas marketer or supplier to get you the best price without sacrificing reliability.

Proven Track Record

We Deliver on Our Promises

Our focus is to help businesses better understand and improve upon their natural gas buying decisions. Since 1996, that has been and remains our core focus and mission. With a retention rate of 95% over the past 20 years, it is evident that our clients are getting what they expect from Energy Solutions, Inc. But don't take our word for it, check out our testimonials.

We Work For You

Because Energy Solutions Inc., is not a buyer or seller of natural gas, there is no conflict of interest. As your partner and advisor, we work for you and we watch out for your best interests. With our Buying Advisory Services, we become the eyes and ears of the natural gas market on your behalf and will consistently balance upside risks with downside potential. We work directly with you to provide you with a multifaceted service that will save you both time and money.

To learn more about our tailored Buying Advisory Services, simply fill out the form below to receive a detailed description of our various Natural Gas Buying Advisory Services, a checklist identifying how the two levels of service differ, and an outline of past results. If you would like to speak directly with us about our Natural Gas Buying Advisory Services and learn how our services can benefit your company, please call (608) 848-6255 and ask for Valerie Wood.

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