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Published:  October 27, 2011





Natural Gas Buying Guide provides buyers with the 
necessary tools to implement a disciplined, proactive purchasing
strategy that will improve a company's competitive position.

Markets don't move in one direction forever, don't
become complacent just because prices are low!

Make sure buying opportunities are not overlooked

Natural Gas Buying Guide is a comprehensive, must-read
guide for those individuals accountable for their company's
natural gas purchases.  .


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Learn about Natural Gas Price Outlook released in November 2012

Natural Gas Buying Guide will help your company simplify its natural gas purchasing process while improving profitability.  Learn how to avoid the pitfalls of panic buying and buying paralysis. Our analysis allows you to chart a course to increased price stability at lower price levels.  Broken down into an easy-to-understand three-step approach, the purchasing methodology used within Natural Gas Buying Guide is proven, time-tested, and reliable.

Step 1 - Research:  Natural Gas Buying Guide interprets vast amounts of market data to provide buyers with a better understanding of current and future natural gas market conditions.  Because Energy Solutions, Inc. monitors natural gas prices each and every day on behalf of its clients, price-driving factors have been identified and thoroughly researched.

Step 2 - Action Plan:  Natural Gas Buying Guide provides a timeline of anticipated natural gas price movements over the next 12-18 months.  It then identifies four timeframes when natural gas price weakness is likely to offer natural gas purchasing opportunities.

Step 3 - Purchasing Recommendations and Implementation:  Natural Gas Buying Guide provides articulated natural gas purchasing recommendations under low-risk, medium-risk, and high-risk tolerance buying models. These models can be used as a template from which a company can construct its own natural gas risk- management plan and purchasing strategy.  The underlying purchasing methodology found within Natural Gas Buying Guide is a proven effective purchasing strategy used by Energy Solutions, Inc. for its consulting clients.

Energy Solutions, Inc., Natural Gas Buying Guide:

  • Explains the seasonality of price declines and price rallies and why the first and third quarters of the year tend to offer significant purchasing opportunities, while the second and fourth quarters of the year tend to offer significant selling opportunities.
  • Outlines the price parameters of major price declines targeted for late fall 2011 and early 2012 and why buyers should pay special attention to these price declines.
  • Evaluates natural gas production levels and provides insight into when production may show signs of stabilizing.
  • Identifies the key ingredient of what will prompt a price trend change, but explains why the ultimate reversal of the current price trend is expected to be driven by the speculative sector.
  • Outlines anticipated natural gas price movements over the next 12-18 months and provides the rationale behind such price moves.
  • Identifies four timeframes, referred to as Decision Timeframes, in which buyers are encouraged to evaluate and consider natural gas purchases for the rest of 2013, 2014, and 2015.  There is even a potential Decision Timeframe in which buyers may want to consider purchases for 2014.
  • Provides specific natural gas purchasing recommendations which are ultimately broken down into three different risk-tolerance buying models.
  • May affirm what your supplier or marketer is saying, yet may also provide you with an outlook that could be costly to dismiss.
  • Specifically explains why overly anxious or complacent buyers will ultimately suffer from buyer's remorse.

These are just a handful of critical issues reviewed in Energy Solutions, Inc.'s, Natural Gas Buying Guide

Natural Gas Buying Guide provides an economical way to insure buying opportunities are not overlooked !!

$249 for non-subscribers

$59 for current subscribers of The Advisor

SAVE MORE ... check out the Information Bundle


Questions regarding the analysis should be directed to
Valerie Wood at (608) 848-9589 or send your inquiry to vkwood@energysolutionsinc.com.

The guide will be e-mailed to you within 24 hours of receipt of payment. 
Should you desire a hardcopy, please contact our office as there is an additional processing cost of $20.

About the Publisher:  
Natural Gas Buying Guide is published by Energy Solutions, Inc., an independent natural gas
analytical and consulting firm.  It is written by Valerie Wood, an experienced energy expert with more
than two decades of natural gas buying and trading experience.   View Biography of Valerie Wood

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