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What clients are saying about our Consulting Services:

"Energy Solutions does a great job with the reports they provide."  Food & Beverage Systems Provider, Nationwide

"Valerie keeps us updated so there are never any surprises.  I am thankful to have the services of Energy Solutions to keep a watchful eye on our energy procurement and utilization.”  Hospital, IL

"As we expand into new states, Energy Solutions, Inc. has done a fantastic job of evaluating our supplier choice options for both natural gas and electricity and assisting in contract negotiations.”  Coil Coating, Nationwide

"Energy Solutions, Inc. supplements its natural gas buying recommendations with reports that show everything that I need to take the recommendation to my management team. It makes my job much easier.”  Foundry, WI

"Valerie went above and beyond the call of duty in assisting us with contract negotiations. She diligently worked with numerous parties from start to finish.”  Manufacturer, WI

"The consulting services are great. I'm confident that my interests are being watched closely and this frees up my time to spend it on other projects. Plus, Val does a great job of explaining market conditions in a way that is very understandable.”  Foundry, WI

"I have the utmost confidence in Val's ability to give the right information at the right time. She has been an asset to our budgeting process and knows this business very well. I highly recommend her services.”  Hospital, WI

"Having Energy Solutions as our energy consultant is like having an employee dedicated to energy purchasing without incurring the overhead. With operations in four states it would be difficult to stay in tune to the ever-changing energy markets without Energy Solutions.”  Manufacturer & Distributor-Soft Drinks, Nationwide

What clients are saying about our Publications:

"To me [Natural Gas Outlook] is one of the best, unbiased views of the market.  There have been few times when I did not concur with info and recommendations."  Home Products & Services Provider, Nationwide

"Valerie has shed a great deal of light on a commodity in which everyone thinks they understand the fundamentals and very few actually do.”  Natural Gas Trader, Ontario

"I appreciate your team's efforts with energy information. The information keeps me well informed and it allows me to better focus on other job responsibilities.”  Hospital, MI

"Natural Gas Price Outlook is thorough and very well done. As a seller of natural gas, I found the conclusion to be very helpful.”  Landfill Methane Producer, MI

"The publication has information relevant for today and through the next month. It helps to provide us with a strategic vision.”  Insurance Company, WI

"This is a useful publication. I especially like the buying tips that you provide and the technical analysis of trends.” Iron Foundry, WI

"The weekly updates are easy to read and very informative. I put it out for my employees to read, there have been several great comments from them also.”  Automotive Parts Manufacturer, WI


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